Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Turning Ched Evans Into Something Good? Making the Beautiful Game Really Beautiful?

I'm sure like me, you are now a bit bored of the whole rape debate hanging around just the one man. It never did and it shouldn't.

I'm going to share a fantasy of what I'd like to come of all this circus of events since the footballer who raped a young woman was released from jail. I'm a dreamer. Indulge me.

I'd like no other footballer to rape a young woman. Ever.

What about this?

What about the stand off between feminists and football ends. What about if those groups come together and shake hands across the barricades? It could look something like this perhaps.

The main women's groups with an interest in ending violence against women, e.g. EVAW, Rape Crisis England and Wales, Women's Aid, End Victim Blaming, and other interested women's groups are invited to meet the FA and PFA.

Between them they can secure a deal where the FA and PFA agree that as a matter of induction and entrance to professional football all players complete an agreed training programme around consent and sexual violence. These training courses could be run by individual Rape Crisis Centres in their area for an agreed, and hopefully,  generous fee.

Upon completion players receive accreditation without which they cannot play. Those players proud enough of this could then appear in the local press with their "graduation" certificates and show other young men that they are proud to declare themselves opposed to sexual violence towards women. Perhaps by holding up a banner/poster saying - "I don't RAPE women"?

If those men then commit a crime of sexual violence they should have their entry to the profession automatically revoked. The FA and PFA can do this. It is in their power.

The wealth and influence of football thus feeds back into helping ensure the safety of women in the UK and good comes from bad.

Does that sounds so very difficult to achieve?

Actually it doesn't does it? It sounds remarkably achievable. Come on FA and PFA.......

What if the Beautiful Game became beautiful for another reason too?

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