Thursday, 19 February 2015

Gagging For It

She asked for it
She said too much
She's far too loud
She's far too butch

I don't like her face
I don't like her walk
I think she's phobic
She must not talk

Once I heard
She said some stuff
Did you hear that?
We'll call her bluff!

She dyes her hair
She flaunts her tits
She sells us out
Rip her to bits.

She hates the trans
She hates the man
She hates the pimp
Lets get a ban

She wrote for them
So middle class
She's far too white
Her house is glass

Let's get the stones
You throw them hard
And I will deal
The hypocrite card

She's not from here
She's over there
What can she know?
How can she care?

She called me this
She called you that
She's friends with her
She's such a twat.

She used a word
She shouldn't use
I hate her now
She's lit my fuse

She can't come here,
It's inclusive space
She can't go there
It's not her place

She should die in a fire
A boot in her face
A heel on her throat
Her eyes full of mace

Let's drive her from the net
Let's drive her round the bend
Let's get her sacked and hacked and broke
Let's make sure she will never mend

Where is she now?
Gone I guess.
We won you know
We caused this mess.

Who is she?
I can tell you true
Today she's me
Tomorrow you.

This week.

-In Turkey Ozgecan Aslan was murdered by a group of MEN for resisting rape and found stabbed, beaten, burned and dumped on a river bed.

-Carl Singleton - A MAN - appears in court charged with murder today by flushing his girlfriend's life-saving medication down the toilet.

-A MAN has been arrested for killing Becky Godden in 2002

-In Australia a woman university student has had a video of A MAN raping her sent to her to convince her to return to him.

- In New York police are searching for Carlos Zhunio - A MAN - who allegedly raped an 11 year old girl in Long Island.

A tiny sample.

Focus women. Focus.