Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Owen Jones - and the right side of feminism. What's left?

Owen Jones didn't "give a toss" about who watches porn yesterday. He still thinks the right kind of porn is tickety boo and is all boohoo because women don't agree.

Many feminists aren't happy about his comments. Owen is currently struggling to find ways to justify his article and maintain a position where he is supportive of feminism.

His ways are mainly these...

1. It was tongue in cheek. - Well it wasn't Owen. It was in a national newspaper and the comments - the ones that are allowed of course - i.e the ones posted by men or porn-supportive women - very clearly show that it wasn't taken as a joke but an incitement to carry on wanking over women who are being harmed. 

2. Laurie Penny wrote an article and that article said porn was ok. - It's Laurie Penny Owen. Laurie Penny. Laurie needs the man's cookies and finances and she throws other women under a big man bus to get them. Also, appropriating the work of other women because you cannot defend your own views is insulting. Using them to silence other women is even worse.

3. I said porn was misogynistic! - yes you did - and then you said it was something all men did - which sort of put a big black line through the other paragraph and drew a big tick next to the "everyone is doing it so get your dick out and join them" bits. 

4. We can have better porn - but we haven't got it and are never likely to, since the industry is owned by misogynists and meanwhile my daughters will probably be expected to endure rough anal sex at some point and have a man ejaculate on their face. Come back to me when that isn't likely to happen and we might talk - if not I think I'll try to stop that happening to women I love. 

5. There is a huge problem in feminism - no , there are feminists who have debates and try to work together to achieve a better world for women anyway. We don't need men in the middle of that holding us apart and using our opposing views as tools to beat us with. 

6. Radical feminists are baddies who won't let me win an argument. - Yes. We are absolute bastards and don't give a shit about a man who colludes in our oppression. It's kind of the fucking point. Meanwhile you are happy to allow The Guardian to remove the comments of women who disagree with you.

I'll pop my comment here - on my blog - as I don't have easy access to a national newspaper like a privileged white male does. This 'not at all controversial' comment was removed from the Guardian - no acknowledgement that it had been removed either. A previous comment was at least given the acknowledgement that it had existed.