Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Locked Out

my Twitter is locked for a bit. Here's why.

Currently things are very strange in Feminist Twitterland. I'm stunned as to how you give a response really. Some woman may spend hours giving a lengthy rant of weird accusatory and fantastical tweets most of which I never saw because ...... I have her blocked. 

But.... Inevitably people begin asking..... WTF? They show you a few of the tweets. I laughed mainly. What else can you do with a pile of meltdown? 

Frankly .... I don't know what the fuck. I have no idea of the fuck. I'm fucking clueless. 

What I do know is there is no point in trying to work it out.

I know I'm not allowed to respond to any of the women slithering around my Timeline and discussing it even though THEY ARE BLOCKED. If you do say "This person has been slithering around my TL, DMing friends for info about me, DMing my non-friends for info about me.. DMing God to see what the fuck he knows. If you say that's happening..... then you will be the one out of order and feminist bricks will hit you in the head at speed. 

Stunning hypocrisy going on here. 

So I'm locked because it makes my skin crawl a bit. 

I look at none of these women and would appreciate no one showing me their toxic crap. 

Meanwhile men are wanking themselves sore over feminists doing this and I'm just not playing.

(Dear SeƱor Goggins ..... This has nothing to do with you crazy dude. You are fucking too funny. You couldn't pick your own mother out of a line up. im just glad none of these women you name seem to get hurt because you are such a laughable clown) 

JH x