Monday, 10 August 2015

Name The Problem Woman.

I normally don't write about specific trolls that much any more. They really aren't worthy. However, events over the last few days have been so surreal that it merits a quick note.

For a long time now the renowned fool Ciaran Goggins has been stalking and harassing a number of women. I get it in rotation with others. He likes saying names of women. Much like Eminem ..... my name name is..... my name is..... Bibbidy Bobbedy boo! Mary Poppins! Slim Shakin Stevens!

Anyway, I don't pay him any attention usually but...... I'm really really pleased that finally, after months and months of posting pictures of poor Lisa Marie Taylor and being repeatedly told by myself and others that he was wrong and she isn't me, he finally decided that myself and she were different people. I'm pleased because I was starting to wonder if I was having phone calls with myself and I kept whipping a red wig on and off whilst I put the phone from ear to ear.

Meanwhile the utterly unfathomable Mitchell Wells has been at it too. He actually does talk to himself. He has two or three accounts that natter on to each other about how none of them are Mitchell Wells .... until finally one of the Mitchell's gets confused and says .... "You are though!!" and the other ones go "Oh for fucks sake Mitchell! You've fucked it up again!" and then the first Mitchell sends me or one of his other target feminists a tweet saying "Anyway ... we all hate you! Bye!"

Mitchell has been creating accounts that hate me this week. They suggest that women hate me too and should join together. Let's all join in the hating of me. Except everyone tells him to fuck off. Even the women that do hate me. Poor Mitchell. (Newsflash Mitch .... not all feminists love each other. It isn't the law. Bit like a family wedding at times. With less cake.)

Goggins meanwhile is convinced I'm a new version of me. I won't name her. He'd love that. On it goes. Same old shite. Same old mentions and wild ranting about bent coppers and Goddess knows what else. Now it will be... "Oh! She's responded so it must be her!" ...if I don't say anything... "Oh she's gone quiet so it must be her!" Same MO as with Lisa MarieTaylor..... go for the husband and kid too. Well..... I don't have a husband. I do have children. Won't bother Goggins. It does bemuse me now how Goggins only seems to pick women who pass the patriarchal fuckability test though. Why is that I wonder? Couldn't choose a woman who was less gender-conforming and more stereotypical-hairy-brilliant-second-wave-feminist-in-dungarees when you dip into the bag of "Who is Jean Hatchet This Week?" Goggins? Would that not work for you? Go on. Give it a whirl. Dig deep and swish the names around a bit more. Please make me Mary Beard. Please. I would love that hard. And she'd kick your fucking ass. Hard.

If not can I be Kim Kardashian for a bit? Then I could cover myself in Lard and break Twitter. Or make bread and dripping and smear it on my bum. Or whatever Kim does for kicks when she's being all feministy.

As I just pointed out. These guys don't care who they target. They don't care who they harass. They don't care about the name as long as it is definitely attached to a vagina. A vagina they'd quite like to screw. They just want a woman and they want a woman hurt. They want a woman silenced.  Any woman. When that woman is killed or quiet.... on they will move. Next. It's slow progress really. One woman at a time. Their hit rate isn't nearly as effective at hurting women en masse as I don't know..... say..... Amnesty policy?

This is not about individual women. This is about all women. This is not even "trolling" really. This is just men hurting women because they can. Except my concern is over the wrong women getting hurt on my behalf. I don't want any women harmed. Luckily.... so far.... that hasn't happened because people can sniff the lunacy in these men usually even if they are violent men themselves.

If you come across either of these men in any of their guises or any of the other clown shoes (I stole that one because I liked it - thanks to @TheFleeb) .... that target women.....don't engage with them. Have a cup of tea and a piece of flapjack instead. It will stick in your teeth less.

Love Kim K. x

(Nah just shittin ya .... I'm Jean Hatchet. @JeanHatchet on Twitter)