Sunday, 20 March 2016

Dear women...

This week is going to be tough for some of you. I will keep this brief.

Adam Johnson goes to court for sentencing on Thursday. The judge has the ability to sentence him for up to ten years. I hope he gets all of them. He could get much less. The message will be dangerous if he does. It will leave many of you angry and upset.

Ched Evans goes to the appeal court to present new evidence. It could see his conviction for rape quashed or upheld. The result could leave many of you angry and upset.

I am not going into the details of either of these cases. My feelings on both have been expressed already.

I just wanted to pass a message of solidarity to you and all victims of rape and sexual assault.

There will be some terrible things said on social media over the next few days. There will be cruel and deluded victim-blaming at best and rape/death threats at worst. Most of these things will be said by men. Most of these things will be said by men who want to hurt women and want courts to tell them it is ok when they do. Many of those men will be young and that saddens me more than anything. The feminist action and opinion in both of these cases has never been about just those two footballers but about consent, rape, child abuse and attitudes towards sexual violence and feminist attempts to change those attitudes.

But I don't care about any of those men. I care about victims. I care about you.

I just wanted to send you all a great big feminist fist in the air.

My love to you all.

JH x