Saturday, 5 March 2016

Let's save #Annie'sHouse - Part One.

With your support I am going to begin tracking what happens to a woman who has contacted me recently with her story of domestic violence. I will post regular updates and Annie's background story.

She is safe. You should know that. She is many years free of his physical violence. She is not free of the following economic violence which is so common in abusive situations where women survive and escape.

We DO NOT need to give Annie money. We DO NOT need to support her financially. I will ask only for your support in a campaign where we make an example of this man and this piece of divorce law which harms women.

We do need to try to make sure that the man who abused her is not allowed to take her house. The house she has raised his children in. The house where she and the children still live. The house she loves like a fourth child. The house that gives her peace. The house that bends and shakes with love and laughter when once it bent and shook with his violence. The house where she put herself back together after he broke her.

Annie is a brave and beautiful woman. She needs our help. She wants to set an example to abusers like hers everywhere.

Annie has asked for my help. Annie is not her real name. She wants you to know her story and she wants to keep her house. It isn't a lot that Annie wants. Annie has very little in life and keeping herself and her kids clothed and fed is a struggle but she has clung to the roof over her head. The man who abused her wants to take the thing that keeps her alive. I will not let him take it from her if there is a breath left in my body to stop it.

Are you with me women?

JH x