Sunday, 17 April 2016

My Stalker.

I storified my tweets this morning about my stalker. See the link below.

This has gone on for more than 2 years now.

I will blog in more detail later but I am off out on my bike in the sunshine because no man will stop me enjoying my own life. No man.

My thoughts are with the many women who this stalker targets and names including and most importantly the rape victims he trawls and stalks and harasses.

To be very clear.... I am anonymous. My stalker trawls social media naming me as a number of women in any forum he can. He subsequently turns out to have made a mistake. Unfortunately the women he has named have been placed at risk of harm from men who would like me silenced or dead.

I will not repeat the names of any of those women. It would only make matters worse for them.

Men who believe them I hope that you are not foolish enough to act. My stalker really doesn't care which women are harmed. Any woman will do. Think very carefully.