Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Twitter Attack


I have had to temporarily delete my Twitter account.

Yesterday I was targeted by an account called @fifthwavefem - This account picks out random feminists and then causes a "dog pile" - where all his followers attack you saying anything they like about feminists. It isn't good believe me. I couldn't operate my account by tea time and this had happened to at least 2 other women in the past 24 hours.

I received abuse from hundreds of misogynist account saying the most horrible of things. One told me to "choke on a dick".

I can handle that kind of thing and have done before. However, why should I?

I'm tired and my family are tired of watching me take this crap. I have a right to have a voice online and I don't harass others.

I reported directly to Twitter who tell me that moves are on the way to rectify that problem. Well that isn't now.

Meanwhile I cannot respond to messages about the Go Fund Me. I can't stay in touch with other women either for or to offer support.

I have good friends around me and will be taking a break but this isn't right at all.

I wanted to help women. This guy wants to stop me. I'm the one who is driven from Twitter? Is that ok?

JH x