Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Justice Nicola Davies, Chainsaw Massacre, Ched Evans and Harold Shipman.

Forgive me if this is poorly worded. Forgive me if I don't quite have my thoughts together. Forgive me if I scream and it comes out as typed words which make no sense. 

I am genuinely stunned that a man can murder his mother with a chainsaw. He can kick her as she dies and strangle her. He can initially deny this and say she fell on his chain saw. He can say that she was mad. Finally he will admit his guilt. 

I'm not stunned that Robert Owens, a son, would do all that. It isn't that much of an "isolated incident" when we know that at least 2 women a week die at the hands of men who "love them". 

What really makes me do a head whip round is this....

The presiding judge said this as she delivered sentence...

That judge is saying that a man - a son - who murdered his mother, Iris Owens, for no reason whatsoever, in her garden - is "loving and supportive".

What was this loving and supporting mother doing when her "loving and supporting" son attacked her with a chain saw? Well by testimony she was hanging out the washing. Probably pegging out his pants and socks.

She was hanging out the washing when her own son came up and hacked at her with a chain saw and kicked her and strangled her. 

Now this is a terrible summative comment. It is an appalling way to deliver judgement in a murder trial regardless of whether you send that murderer to jail or not. It suggests that things sometimes just "get out of hand" in situations of family "domestics". Or is it male violence that is out of hand Justice Nicola Davies? 

Importantly - do you know how to recognise male violence when it is out of hand? Or are you a little "forgiving" of male violence? 

I don't care about his addiction troubles. Or his divorce. Or how Iris took him in. Of course she did. She looked after him in the dark times of his life as she did when he was a baby. Iris Owens loved him. Iris Owens was supportive. Her son hacked her to death with a chainsaw. 

Women love the men who murder them. Don't forgive those men as you send them for punishment. The message is abhorrent. "Ah bless. I know you didn't mean to!"

This Judge is also the judge in the Ched Evans retrial. You know the one with the summative comments on the case. The one who presided while section 41 evidence was used to discredit a complainant and parade her sexual history for an entire nation to digest with their tea. 

This judge also defended Harold Shipman as a barrister. Now... barristers can't refuse cases that come their way as "cab rank". I know that. But still. Harold Shipman. Murdered 144 women. 144 women. That right there is #maleviolence and that right there is the woman who taught herself how to defend it. 

Iris Owens had a first class honours degree in English which she gained at age 64. She was a volunteer for charity, she was a bilingual tour guide. She was a woman and she was murdered by a man she loved more than other men. We love our children. Even the ones we see coming towards us with a chain saw.  

I am speechless and sad.


JH x