Thursday, 4 October 2018

Are you being abused? ..... Again?

There's a new type of abuse on the block. Men are still the perps.

""Say it! Say it after me! I am a woman! I wanted to rape a girl but I am a woman! Wanna see what happens if you say I am a man? Just you try it!"

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to check if you are being abused and how you might spot this. It doesn't matter if you aren't in a relationship. You might not realise you are in *this* relationship. 

Feature of abuse 1. 

Do you feel like men are telling you what to do and say?
You must not say the wrong words or they will tell you off or put you down or threaten you with violence or use violence to stop you?

Are you being forced to accept and say “Trans women are women”? Are you feeling that you must use pronouns that don’t correspond with what you see in front of you? Like a penis? Are you having to say that penis is a "lady penis"? Or that it doesn't exist at all really? Do you feel you must call men “she” or “her”. Even when you  know they have raped women? Or groomed children? Do you feel that if you don’t use the language they say then you will be “sanctioned”. Do you fear “punishment” for saying the wrong thing? Do you feel you are walking on eggshells and feel guilty if you “misgender” them. Do you hastily correct yourself and hope he hasn’t noticed? Do you worry what he will do if he heard you call him "he"? What about if you forget and put "he" in a tweet? Do you delete it quickly? Do you have to re-read your tweets before posting and in your head you have his voice warning you? 

                                        This is abuse. ↑

Feature of abuse 2. 

Do you feel like something bad will happen to you if you get something wrong....perhaps something that he has told you about before that he won't put up with? You are in his space now and he owns it so you must do as he says. Sometimes you aren’t even sure what it is? Do you spend time with a feeling of anxiety about being watched. Like he's setting traps for you to fall into?

When men pretend they are women are you constantly liking their tweets or promoting their work in order to make them like you? Do you check what they would be happy with before you do something or say something? Do you tell them "you go girl" even though you don't really believe they are a girl? Do you secretly look at their Adam's apple and squash down inside yourself what you know because you want them to love you and be kind to you? Do you fear what they have said about you... that you are unkind? That you are a bad person if you won't accept their authority and their version of events? Do you feel like you aren't able to be yourself completely or say what you really think? Are organisations like Stonewall forcing you to say these things? Demanding you accept "trans women are women - get over it". 

                                           This is abuse ↑

Feature of Abuse. 3. Do these men call you names? 

Have you been called a TERF? Does it feel bad? Does it make you feel bad about yourself like someone has slapped you in the face? Does it make you doubt yourself and what you know about yourself? Does it feel the same as "bitch" or "whore"? Does it feel like he hates you for no good reason when he says this? 

                                         This is abuse ↑

Feature of Abuse 4. 
Do these men tell your family and friends( or work colleagues or boss)  that you are abusive when really you know it is them? Are they convincing? Do others see them as charming?

Do you feel like you are going mad? That others are looking at you and judging you but you can't make them see the truth? That he is the one that is bad! That he is the one that is violent and abusive? That he is the one that is ruining your life and stealing from you - your space and your feminist groups etc...and yet others believe his version of events and that you are "crazy" and "volatile" and "a liar"?

Do others see him as nice and refuse to believe that he is a different person when he's away from the spotlight? Is he really nice to everyone? Does he get them onside? Charm them? Put his hands under his chin to look innocent? Push up his "breasts" to seduce people into thinking he's a better woman than you are?

Does he tell everyone - including you - what a terrible upbringing he had and how he was mistreated and so everyone feels sorry for him. But no one asks about your upbringing or why you might be being abused by him? No one asks how you feel about him being in your space? People say "Oh it's ok. He's really nice. You shouldn't worry yourself!"

                                           This is abuse ↑

Feature Of abuse 5. 
Does he tell you you are a bad mother?

Have you been told that you are treating children abusively? That if you don't let them do whatever they want then you are physically harming them? Even if you are trying to stop them self-mutilating? Even if you are trying to help them find their true sexuality as a lesbian? Does he tell the children not to believe you? Does he instead try to turn the children on you and make them treat you badly and call you names? Does he maybe go into schools with literature about himself and you and tell them to ignore you? Sweep away the protections for your girls and then say you are bad if you object to gender neutral toilets that open your children up to embarrassment and discomfort and possibly physical harm?

                                                    This is abuse ↑
Feature of abuse 6.  - Isolation. Do they stop you from seeing your friends or tell you who you can speak to? Do they say your friends talk rubbish? That you shouldn’t listen to them? That they don’t really like you?

Have you been unable to attend your own feminist meetings or political parties if you don’t say what the men want you to say when you are at them? Have you felt you couldn’t attend a women’s place meeting or a We Need To Talk meeting because they wouldn’t like it. Did you worry they might hurt you afterwards? Have you seen other women thrown out of these groups and feared you might be next?

                                       This is abuse ↑

Feature of Abuse 7. No one seems to help you.

Do you feel like you cannot be heard? Do these men take away your right to speak? If you complain about them in your space where you fear they might hurt you are you made to feel stupid or mean or a liar? Are the police on the side of the man hurting you? Are the courts on his side too? Are the media ignoring what is happening to women like you? 

                                  This is abuse ↑

Feature of Abuse 8. Does he financially abuse you?

Does he keep you poor? Stop you from working by reporting you to your employers and insisting they sack you? Does he take a job you might have had by saying he is a woman? Does he take your position on a sports team? Or appear at an awards ceremony for women and take your place? Or get a channel 4 show all about women and get money for surgery when other women are unable to get their voices heard?

                               This is abuse ↑

Feature of Abuse 9. Does he physically hurt you? Or rape you? Or abuse your children?

Does he tell you that if you don't sleep with him you are transphobic. That you must accept his lady penis even though you don't wish to sleep with a man? You are a lesbian and a man would never be your choice of partner? Is there evidence him raping women that people refuse to see? Like the press examples of him going into a woman's prison for rape and assaulting women? Or being arrested for hitting a woman in the street and then going into court and pretending he is a woman and making her call him "she"? Do you pretend to yourself that he won't do it again because he isn't really like that or it was an accident? Does he do it again and again and again and these crimes are forgotten by others but listed on the transcrime website? Like here Are you afraid to seek help? Is he too strong for you? Does he threaten to kill you or rape you in tweets online? Do people see this but pretend not to? Are you actually afraid that if he knows where you live he will come and kill you or hurt you or send others to do it for him?

                        This is abuse ↑

Women. You can reject this abuse. Other women are standing up for you. We are refusing to call these men women. We are refusing to let them into female single sex space so that you can be safe and have your privacy and dignity respected as the law allows. We are refusing to let them call you names like "TERF" or "BIGOT" when you tell the truth. We are insisting they are returned to male prisons if we can. We are objecting to changes to the Gender Recognition Act that would allow them to continue this abuse by simply downloading a certificate from the internet. We are continuing to speak at feminist meetings however much we have to hide their location or however many times they attack the venues. We are putting up billboards of truth. We are putting them up again even when our children are under threat. We are speaking out for you. 

Stand up to him. Your radical feminist sisters will keep you safe. Stand with us.... or stand behind us. But get off your knees! Free your mind of this brainwashing.  

Let women help you to your feet. Women are all you have to trust in. 

This is Karen White. A convicted rapist who said he was a woman so that he was placed in a women's prison. He then allegedly assaulted 4 women in that women's prison with an erect penis. Do you trust him? Do you trust that he's a woman? 

Trust women. Rebel. Break free. Join us.