Monday, 31 October 2016

The @fifthwavefeminism nonsense - get over it.

The account @fifthwavefeminism was deliberately targeting feminists. It had more than 16,000 followers. Those followers were aware that their job was to look at the screenshot of a feminist comment, find that feminist and target her with whatever you felt like from derision to abuse and every shade in between.

In itself derision is ok. When 16,000 people (mainly men) see that as their "duty" having sworn allegiance to an account by following it like particularly bigoted sheep, it is absolutely not ok and it is targeted trolling. I have been accused of shutting down the account because I couldn't take "constructive criticism". Hmmm. Ok. Is this sort of thing "constructive criticism" these days?

More importantly when there is a dog pile of that type, and the account's operator knows full well that will be the result when he "chooses" his feminist for "satire".... the account of the feminist becomes virtually useless. I had 563 notifications when I turned on. It is still happening. I am currently raising money for Rape Crisis and the complainant in the Ched Evans debacle. This was important to me and a lot of people.

This anti-feminist account can play innocent about its intentions all it likes ... but it stopped me from doing something worthwhile for over 24 hours. That is a direct attack. That same day that account did the same to 2 other feminists and to Lily Allen and it had been targeting women in this way for weeks. It was not a harmless account. It was a font of misogyny. It has been replaced by another whining account.

I will however address the "satire". The account wasn't happy with my tweet below. This actually wasn't that important to me either. I was busy focusing on poor application of a section of law in rape cases. But don't let that get in the way of a good misogynist.

Here was the picture of the condom machine placed in a woman's toilet and the slogan on that machine which makes no reference to the women who will be using it.

Let's be clear. I approve of the use of condoms. I talk to my daughter about their importance. I have, in the past done the whole condom on a banana thing. I have zero problems with condoms. They are a good and positive thing.

I commented on the placement of a machine with a slogan clearly aimed at men, within a women's toilet which used language which didn't refer to them at all other than as a "thing" to enter. 

I know how to deconstruct the language of advertising. I understand semiotics. I have studied Saussure. I know how to apply feminist theory on advertising too.

So here goes... one last attempt to stop the stupid onslaught of attacks about a topic that frankly I'd forgotten about about ten minutes after posting as it really isn't the key issue of the day for me. There are a lot of offensively marketed products for women. A LOT. It was just one that caught my eye and I had  a little tweet about it.

The key thing is that it was placed in a woman's toilet. That should mean the advertising would be sensibly aimed at women. "Don't let him in" might be appropriate. This means a woman is protecting her own body and referring to your own body as an entrance is ok. This is discussing the intimacy of your own vagina. A woman talking of her vagina as a thing that is part of her is fine.  Her having agency in gatekeeping access to her own body is fine. That isn't what this does.

When the language used is clearly addressed to a man the connotations are very different. The words "don't go in" very clearly remove the woman as a human being from the sexual act and make her a "thing" to be entered. The woman is nowhere in that message. Yet it is in a space that only females would (should) access. I don't think a human with a penis is a woman.  That isn't phobia. It is biology.

The language removes a woman from  her part in the sexual act. It makes her vagina an object. It makes that object a danger to men but does not discuss how their penis may be a danger to her. It is placed in a woman's space. These were my objections.

For a woman to be targeted by this product effectively it would need to talk about the diseases she could catch from a penis that she allows into her body. I was right in suggesting that putting a product that can be used by women too, in a woman's loo, but talking of her vagina as an object that is a problem to go in. That is not good. I still don't think that is good. It is the last I will say about something I'm not THAT arsed about.


Actually - it really doesn't matter what I say. This wasn't a case of "A feminist said something I don't agree with..." It was a case of "a feminist said ....something"

The account has now been replaced by an which continues to "target me" / whine like a door that needs oiling. It accuses me of removing free speech. Yeah. That old chestnut. I have no idea how many women reported that account. I hope they always report accounts that attempt to silence women. Incidentally the account also tried to endanger a young student and was happily gloating about it as she emailed it.

Also, the stuff I said wasn't even new. This research from "Women as Subject and Audience In World War II Venereal Disease Posters"  - Whitton 2010 reveals the following...

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Twitter Attack


I have had to temporarily delete my Twitter account.

Yesterday I was targeted by an account called @fifthwavefem - This account picks out random feminists and then causes a "dog pile" - where all his followers attack you saying anything they like about feminists. It isn't good believe me. I couldn't operate my account by tea time and this had happened to at least 2 other women in the past 24 hours.

I received abuse from hundreds of misogynist account saying the most horrible of things. One told me to "choke on a dick".

I can handle that kind of thing and have done before. However, why should I?

I'm tired and my family are tired of watching me take this crap. I have a right to have a voice online and I don't harass others.

I reported directly to Twitter who tell me that moves are on the way to rectify that problem. Well that isn't now.

Meanwhile I cannot respond to messages about the Go Fund Me. I can't stay in touch with other women either for or to offer support.

I have good friends around me and will be taking a break but this isn't right at all.

I wanted to help women. This guy wants to stop me. I'm the one who is driven from Twitter? Is that ok?

JH x

Monday, 24 October 2016

What would a rapist's past sexual history look like? Would that be pleasant?

The day after the Ched Evans trial verdict was grim. Women were contacting me in sheer agony. Most had listened to the graphic details of the case in horror. The callous, indifferent treatment of Woman X during the night in 2011 and the treatment of her in that courtroom, where her sexual history was paraded for the world; unbearably painful to hear. How painful must it have been for that poor woman? Women wept for her. Women are still crying.

A few women said we should do something. They wanted me to front it. I said I would. I have taken abuse before and another round would make little difference. So I took a deep breath and started the fund. I very deliberately chose to list the target as £50,000 as this was the amount of "reward" offered for evidence by the website of Ched Evans. Surely we could try our best to raise that amount for a decent cause instead?

What happened has been overwhelming. The messages of support for Woman X are heartbreaking. I have cried many times this past week listening. Women talk of their own experiences and how this verdict left them on their knees and feeling hopeless that anyone would ever care about their experience. Men are quieter in their expression, but they are donating in support of women they know and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Every £5 is a gesture of love, kindness and understanding that this woman and other women need their solidarity and support. Some of those women donating are going hungry to do so. It matters more to them than food that women get justice from our courts. That thought makes me weep. With misery at what has probably happened to them and joy that they have such compassion for others.

The reporting rate for rapes has doubled over the last five years whilst convictions have halved. This probably means more rapes and less rapists in jail. It means that women are disbelieved, in very large numbers, by juries. Or before that stage, by police who take the initial report. It means that we have a serious failure to help women at every step of our justice system.

Few rapes are reported. Of those, only 11% result in a conviction. The women who report them are still 100% raped. The men who raped them are still 100% on our streets.

The problem that has now been raised by the use of past sexual history via the hideous loophole of section 41, means fewer women than ever will dare to report. The thought of that happening to them is terrifying. It isn’t a precedent legally. It has been in existence and frugally used since 1999. But, this case has amplified the awareness of it for victims and for rapists. That will potentially have a disastrous effect.

A woman’s sexual history is irrelevant. Raped women react in a vast variety of ways. Women who enjoy sex can be raped just as easily as women who have never had sex. The rapist is the common denominator here. His past sexual history would probably be a lot more revealing.

Women are helped by rape crisis after the most horrific invasions of their body and their spirit by men. It can often be the first point of contact and it can go on long after the incident and any attempts to seek justice. Rape Crisis England And Wales have agreed to accept half the fund. I am pleased about that. Women will be helped by this fund in a very practical way.

Woman X has asked why people are doing this? She can’t believe there are people who care after what she went through in court. She is comforted to hear the answer. The answer is simple. Women love women. We help women. I’m told Woman X is drawing strength from reading the messages. The police officer involved in liasing with her said the fund has restored his faith in humanity. This is not just money. This is people behaving very, very, decently.

Thank you to the men who have helped too. You are lighting the way for other men. There are lots who remain very dark. They shout on Twitter. They don’t help anyone.

Men who rape women are subhuman. Women who help women overcome those rapes are being the very best humans they can be.

JH x

Friday, 14 October 2016

What Ched Evans Told Women

Of course Ched Evans himself didn't tell women that much. He sometimes doesn't talk to women he has sex with. He doesn't talk to feminists at all.

I really mean what the Ched Evans case told us.


That's the message from this whole sordid mess.

Manifesto For Women According To The Courts, The Football 'Industry', The Main Stream Media, Social Media, The Blokes In The Pub, The Blokes In Some Women's Beds, The Blokes In Some Women's Heads.

DON'T go out after work
DON'T get drunk
DON'T have sex
DON'T enjoy the sex you have
DON'T move around whilst having sex
DON'T get into "positions" whilst having sex
DON'T refuse to suck a man's penis especially if he asks in a funny voice
DON'T wear high heels
DON'T fall over
DON'T expect a famous footballer to pick you up off the floor like a reasonable human would
DON'T order pizza in a takeaway
DON'T drop your pizza
DON'T drop your handbag
DON'T ever have sex with more than one man in your entire life
DON'T text the man you have had sex with or consider them friends who might help you
DON'T have sex with the man you have been dating more than once
DON'T tell anyone if you wake up and don't know where you are
DON'T groan or squeal if you are in a room in a hotel drunk
DON'T go into a hotel room and assume no one else will come in and access it and your vagina
DON'T tell your friends if you think your drink has been spiked
DON'T tell the police anything
DON'T seek help if you wake up covered in bruises and don't know where you are
DON'T ask a man for help in the street he might "get" you
DON'T have sex with footballers. They are from the Planet Football with special rules about sex.
DON'T get raped
DON'T speak out
DON'T stay quiet. Even if you are too drunk to speak. Or unconscious. Or asleep.
DON'T go to court
DON'T go to court again
DON'T seek justice
DON'T carry on living if the courts let you down as they let down women every day
DON'T expect anything has changed since the days our grandmothers were raped
DON'T believe that women matter
DON'T fight the system. It is male and it will break you

Here is my response.

DON'T listen.

Get up from this knockdown. Stay on your feet.

Have sex where you like. Have sex with who you like. Move around. Move your own body. Move it away from men you find repulsive. Drink what you want. Wear what you feel like. Talk to who you want to. Talk loud. Talk soft. Talk often. Say yes. Say no. Say something. Say something else. Shout. Ask for help. Stay quiet for a while. Or forever if it helps. Cry. Laugh. Dream. Fight. 

Women are humans. Women have a voice. Women are 52% of the population of this world and women will not let men make rules for them forever. Women will keep fighting to keep other women safe. Women will fight for women who can't fight themselves. Women are loved by other women. That makes us very, VERY special. It makes us terrifying and beautiful.

Love to the sisters who keep other sisters strong

JH x

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Green Party Women and Blockbot

I just want to share this with you.

I contacted Caroline Lucas to ask her position on Green Party  Women endorsing the Blockbot blocking of feminists who have a varying view of gender identity issues to the Blockbot owners and administrators.

I asked if she endorsed this silencing.

I can't share the full response as it is a protected email. The summary of the Green Party response is approximately this...

"We are looking into this. Please give evidence that the Blockbot is run by Men's Rights Activists....."

This is not something I asserted at all.

Here is my response.


I don't assert that the Blockbot application is run from the perspective, or even by, Men's Rights Activists. I think the problematic issue here is that an aggressive transgender rights group of self-identifying women and their biological counterparts are unwilling to allow the free voice of those women who may have a dissenting or oppositional view. They have therefore devised an application that effectively prevents those women from being heard. This is a deeply aggressive action against women whether it is perpetrated by other women or by men.

It is not just or fair that biological women should be denied the opportunity of connecting with other women, or men, via online communities at the behest of those with a differing ideological view of key feminist issues such as gender identity.

For the Green Party to endorse such no-platforming and silencing of women, many of whom work increasingly hard, on ever-dwindling resources, in a variety of ways to end violence against women is staggering and frankly savagely misguided.

The term "TERF" is both offensive and categorically untrue. No such thing exists and the bigotry and misogyny intrinsic within that term - used against biological women by self-identified women - is the thing that should be condemned rather than legitimised and encouraged by the Green Party.

I do hope that this can be addressed with Green Party Women who seem to be happily aligning themselves against women who are vehemently devoted to protecting safe women's space and advocating for the abolition of all violence against women and girls. Perhaps Caroline can explain how she makes sense of that and whether she endorses it.

Kind regards,

Jean Hatchet 
I await a response from Caroline Lucas but meanwhile perhaps she should really be considering the legal challenges that are being made against the Blockbot. Like this one....

Have the Green Party really thought through their alignment with something so obviously insidious and libellous as this thing is?


Saturday, 8 October 2016

She's gotta have it....

Women MUST have sex. 

That is the message implied by this.

Full piece here....

Why? Why does a woman need a "new lease of life" that obviously involves her having sex. There is no mention of sex with another woman or sex with herself mentioned here by the way.

The report helpfully and sympathetically points out that..... 

This might sometimes coincide with this......

Women who don't want sex with men don't need shaming into it. They don't need to be made to feel that there is something medically wrong with them. 

Let's make it nice and medical though....

Except for the last bit "relationship issues". Like the fact that a woman, functioning autonomously might just not want sex with a man?Her "relationship issues" could be with a man who is coercing her into sex. A man who is raping her within the relationship? Those kind of issues. 

The statistic of men who use sexual control, as part of relationship where a man is abusing a woman, is largely hidden and possibly the issue least discussed by women, because women are ashamed and embarrassed.   Even amongst other women. Women don't want to discuss this particular depth of their past abuse at the hands of a male partner. This is the point in the relationship where they are being used as a receptacle for his sperm as well as his hatred.

The Freedom Programme produced a wonderful video to highlight the techniques of the sexual controller. It is here....

A man might say to a woman a variety of these things...

          If you love me you will want to have sex with me...

          A man has to have sex... it is unhealthy if he doesn't...the pressure 
          builds up in his balls

          My friends have sex with their women at least five times a week

         What am I supposed to do if you won't have sex with me? Go to a prostitute? 
         Do you want that?

         I'll go elsewhere and it will be your fault....

This could of course be skipped in favour of....

     I own you. I am having sex with you whenever I like. Particularly when you don't want it as I don't really care what you want."

This is called rape. It does happen within a marriage. It has been illegal in the UK since 1991 and the case of R v R October 24th 1991.

So really...stop shaming women into thinking that if they don't want sex they are deficient or abnormal. A woman who is ready will let a man... or another woman... or her own fingers know. If none of that works then she can find a doctor and his man drugs without fear or shame. 

Linked to this are the rather desperate actions of men's rights activist Ben Froughi, who this week went to extraordinary lengths to stop women hearing how they might be able to say no to sex they don't want. He went to the measure of handing out leaflets to students at York University before a lecture on consent. The leaflets were deliberately misleading in that he had printed the York University logo at the top and they instructed students that the lecture was not compulsory. So... subtly suggesting they shouldn't stay. His complaint is with York University Women's Student Union. Or "man-hating feminists". He is annoyed that they have a voice on consent. He is annoyed that they wish to stop women being raped and men raping them. What he wants is for women to remain ill-informed about their rights around the law and their own bodies. He doesn't want young men educating that they do not have the right to those female bodies. So Ben Froughi is very keen that there are a supply of young women who don't know how to say "NO!" and young men who don't know how to hear "NO!" 

Campus rape is a problem and not just among the student body. This report in the Guardian shows that male academics also feel entitled to a woman's body if he is well-endowed enough with academic credentials.

The outstandingly loud message is that women have to have sex with men. They need to be taught less, drugged more, ignored more frequently and coerced more often by men and in some cases the medical profession funded by the government. What is now to stop a man who is already coercing a woman from marching her to a doctors to get her "fixed"?

I leave you with this thought which many coerced women have.... or just me?

Love yourselves women. Take that as you will.


JH x