Saturday, 12 October 2019

All About Me

I originally posted this over a year ago. It was removed by Blogger after complaints from my stalker who did not like what I said so the first bit is edited. The rest is exactly as it first appeared.

I have had a stalker named (insert name of extremely small, incontinent, obsessive troll of your choice) for 5 years now. That's more time than I have been with my partner. This is weird to consider.

I cannot shake him. He is obsessed. That's the thing about stalkers. They never stop. You can ignore them. You can plead with them. You can report them. They will never stop.

Now. Enough about him. The only power he ever had over me was to reveal my details and strip me of anonymity. He still thinks he has that power. But he doesn't really know my details. My face is right here anyway. But here is me. I'll make it as brief as possible.

I was born in Sheffield on Lowedges council estate. It was a tough place to grow up. My abuser often called it "the gutter" and threatened to "put you back in the gutter where you came from". My parents were older and poor but they were hard working and I never went without food or clothes. My aunt and uncle took care of me quite a lot. Mum and dad drank quite a bit and I was better off out of the way. My uncle instilled in me a need for an education and helped to push me and push me. I read a lot as a kid.

My dad was very political. I learned my politics watching him watch the news. He once threw his shoe at "Pudding Face" as he called Ted Heath and mum was scared she wouldn't be able to watch Corrie if he broke the telly. Of course he hated Margaret Thatcher with a passion. He was a shop steward. A steelworker. I was very proud of him when he got angry and brought the men out on strike. He did this a lot in the seventies and early eighties. I remember his boss coming round when he died and I was proud that my dad had never ever backed down to him and that man knew it.

Mum worked in a factory too, She wasn't political at all and had really struggled at school. She sort of followed around in dad's shadow and there wasn't a lot of time left over to keep an eye on me so I just did my own thing really. I was a fighter. I fought boys a lot. On that either fought or ran and I am a terrible runner.

But I was a socialist through to my bones. How could I be otherwise? The estate was predominantly white but when I began going to the youth club, kids from the other side of the city used to come over. They had better records. Black lads who visited had all the good stuff. I didn't understand racism until then. I just saw music. I started seeing a black lad from down by the ice rink and a neighbour told my dad who hit the roof. Then the local thugs started to come and attack the youth club and demand "give us back our white girls or we will kill you niggers on your way home" and it was terrifying. We had bottles thrown through the bus windows as we travelled together over to estates on the other side of the city where afro-carribean communities predominantly lived. We had gangs chase us through town at night. I was called a "nigger-lover" and I knew racism then. I was the "property" of white boys. I was "stained" because I went out with black boys.

I left home at 16 because my dad wouldn't sign my forms to stay on to further education. I signed on the dole and went to college. You could do that then. You could go and learn stuff if you were poor. I did my A levels and dad died shortly before I finished. In fact he died the night before one of my exams. I passed. I got an A. Because when you grow up fighting you don't know how to stop.

I stayed behind instead of going to Uni in Manchester so that I could be around my mum. I met and married a miner. We went through the Coal Not Dole protests together. I went off to university after I got married. We split amicably as were so young and went our separate ways. He was a lovely bloke and we are still friends and in regular contact. I got my degree and then worked and bought my own house and I was doing ok. I was happy. Independent. I was me. I was a Labour Party member. Not that active. I was a feminist. More gobby than activist. But I knew who I was. I was strong.

And then I met my abuser. He targeted me probably because I was strong. But he sniffed something else in me too. I think it was my upbringing and not being cared for too well. Anyway - most of that I've written about before. 15 years of it. I got gradually smaller. Broken bones, name-calling, control, bullying etc etc. I'm not going over all that again. But I got lost. I mean really lost. He delighted in changing me completely. I became a sort of puppet. 

I gave birth to and raised a beautiful daughter so I kept fighting. I kept trying. But I got deeper and deeper into a surreal world. I did whatever I thought would make him happy. I spouted his politics sometimes to keep the peace. This I am more ashamed of than anything else. He loved Thatcher. Some of our worst arguments would start with me standing my ground until I either went quiet or.... I once convinced him in the early days to vote Labour and he never let me forget it. Quietly he worked on getting his own back. He needed revenge for that. I became a dead thing smiling. There were no lights on behind my eyes if anyone looked. No one looked. I didn't recognise me. Everyone still thought I was confident and strong. Was I hell. I was barely keeping my head above water. I kept trying to get out. I signed up for a Law Masters degree thinking eventually I might be able to support myself but he made me give it up calling me selfish and saying we couldn't afford it. Shortly afterwards he bought a Porsche for himself.

I kept going. He made me open a rug shop. I knew nothing about rugs or shops! It was ludicrous. i have a career I could have gone back to but he wouldn't let me. Here I met the best woman ever to walk this earth. My beautiful Helen. I loved her from the start. And she loved me. My abuser ended that eventually. He stopped me from seeing her by poisoning our relationship with lies. I didn't see her for a couple of years in total. I missed her every day. When the rug shop didn't work he made me work within the family business where he could keep a close eye on me and control me.

He said I was useless at it. But he made me keep doing it anyway. I was totally brainwashed. I stopped being me. And then I did a really crazy thing. I thought he would be proud of me and leave me alone if he could just see that I was doing things that would please him. Show I agreed with him. That he had won. I thought it would give me a break from his abuse. I joined the Tory Party. 

I am more ashamed of this than anything I have done in my life. It makes me cry with shame. In my defence.... I actually did some reasonably good things and I stayed a feminist as best it allowed. (Planet Cath - some of you know her - once said and I quote "you're the only Tory I've ever liked") I quickly worked out that they were a bunch of mildly-racist ,poor-hating losers at best, but I also realised that the city of Sheffield was being sold down the line by a really ineffective Labour Party who poured finances into contracts they didn't understand and left vital services begging for funds. Our PFI contract with AMEY is one of the worst things ever to happen to Sheffield and I campaigned against it. Our contract with Veolia was signed erroneously with the Lib Dems years earlier and I poked and poked and uncovered the millions that had been overpaid. No one really cared but I was proud of it. 

One of the other things I did was to run Nigel Bonson's campaign for South Yorkshire Police And Crime Commissioner. This is when I came up against Shaun Wright who was eventually stripped of his post and expelled from the Labour Party who selected him as candidate. Way, way too late. I never let that go either. I dug and dug and dug. I unearthed the evidence that he was complicit in covering up child sexual abuse in Rotherham and had been doing so since his time as head of Children's Services. I found evidence of possible corruption around his selection process and his being Vice-Chair of the Police and Crime Panel appointed by one of the subsequently convicted grooming gang's relatives. I confronted him with this at every single hustings whilst his own party supported him while knowing. At the election count his wife cornered me and told me she would "make sure you get what's coming to you now Shaun is elected". Secretly I was told that the pressure I was putting him under had put his marriage on the rocks. 

I continued to campaign against him and eventually it all fell apart. Throughout this time I received support from ShefDap in Sheffield. The Sheffield Domestic Abuse Partnership and they and my IDVA gave me the strength and support I needed. I felt I could finally shake the stink of the Tories off me without letting anyone down and I walked away. I kicked out my abuser at the same time. I marched back to me so fast I was dizzy. I almost immediately rang my Helen at this time in 2013 and it was like we had never been apart. We had our own language we two. I will never have a friend like her again. My heart is slightly broken right now. I didn't get enough time with her. She died a few weeks ago.

Eventually along the way I met my beautiful Sidekick. I won't name him. He doesn't need the abuse. He's a gorgeous, intelligent, kind man who is mad as a box of frogs, fit as all the world and totally gets me and all I am. I adore the bones of him and thank the sky each day that he is in my life.

So I hope you'll forgive me for the mistakes I made when I was being abused. I really do. Because everything I have done since has been for women. I like to think I have proved myself. I have never sought fame or anything like it. I just do my stuff. I fought the Ched Evans thing for a long time and I raised money to help his complainant. I'm proud of that. I would do it again despite it bringing the stalker Goggins into my life.

 I have always worked hard to support women exiting abusive relationships. A lot of the time I do this when women approach me by DM. I do my bit to signpost and support. I never refuse women my time. I was given a hard time at one bit in 2014 because a woman spread some malicious gossip about me. I ignored it and carried on doing my thing. At this time women leaked my details to Goggins including details from my Facebook like the name of my daughter and my cats. I really wish those women hadn't done that. He uses it constantly and obsessively along with his lies. I won't put my own or my daughter's name here. Lots of people know them and I don't need to broadcast it. I don't hide my identity any longer. My face is easy to find. I'm no longer anonymous. My cats are Stanley and Woobie. They hate Goggins too and frequently do little craps in the shape of his saggy old body.

So now Goggins has nothing. He can't expose anything about me. I've been investigated by my work. My ex husband now knows who I am online and stalks my profile relentlessly. Ched Evans fans don't care who I am anymore and have moved on. No one is coming to kill me.

And that's it. That's how you take back control. You own the thing they think scares you.

I will never be scared of any man again.

Peace sisters x

(P.S .... I'll never be scared of any woman who tries to humiliate me with these details either. I hope others are thoroughly disgusted.)

Cheers Helen M Tann. You were a bloody marvel. Till we meet again love.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Ride For Murdered Women - A Female Peloton

As of today I have ridden for 276 women murdered by men they knew. On Saturday 7th September 2019 at 1pm, just for one occasion,  I have asked women of the UK and around the world to ride with me to honour the women murdered by men they knew since the beginning of 2016. Small groups of women will be meeting other women to ride together in locations around the UK. I will ride in London with a group of fantastic women including Karen Ingala Smith who began the project ‘Counting Dead Women’ which inspires these rides.

Each woman will be wearing a red t shirt or jacket to represent the blood of the women killed by men. The ride is for women only and over the age of 18. There will be no men. 

Some women will ride on exercise bikes in their own homes. Some women may use wheelchairs. Some women will ride alone in locations where there aren’t other women they can join with. Some women will ride in other countries as far away as Australia. Please join us if you have a bike. Ride at the same time. Feel free to carry one woman’s name from the list below or ride for all the women.

What we will all do is remember and celebrate the lives of the women cruelly stolen from their families by men who hated them enough to kill them.

I accept no defence or excuses from the men who murdered them. Some of those men killed themselves in the ultimate act of cowardice and self-absoprtion. Some also killed the woman’s children to “save them” from living without a mother and her murderer. I don’t accept the excuse that the women were “cheating” or were prostitutes or that the men themselves were mentally ill or “provoked” or “defending themselves” as in one case by slitting a wife’s throat from ear to ear. I don’t accept that men were “putting women out of the misery” of old age or dementia. Every single one of these men murdered a woman or a child because they hate women and girls enough to kill them. We need to shine a spotlight on the men killing women.

We need to honour their lives. We need to highlight the pain and horror of their final moments and the shattered lives of their families left behind.  The main stream media frequently allow these things to go unnoticed. Men who murder women are hidden within misleading headlines. The media must pay attention to women’s services when they report the murders of women and change their ways.

We need government to recognize that saying the words “domestic abuse” and committing to “end it” covers up the details of the terrible work of these men and how deep rooted the hatred of women is in our society. The failures of the police are woven through the stories below. The police must pay attention when women point out these men. Many women who pointed can no longer point. They are dead.

We need courts to punish domestic abusers appropriately. We need juries to be educated in domestic abuse including in the tactics of coercive control and stalking. We need judges to educate themselves and give judgements that are knowledgeable of the various aspects of abuse.

We need courts to stop allowing men to walk free to abuse again and again until they murder as in some cases here. One perpetrator on this list murdered three of his partners.

But next Saturday we will put aside those things. We will simply ride to show our love for the women and to make sure they and their families know that women will never forget them. On Saturday we will be riding full of sadness but we will also be riding full of love.

Join us.

All funds will go to the organization ‘nia’ (Karen Ingala Smith is their fantastic CEO) who work to help and to save some of the most vulnerable women in the UK. Please donate here if you can. Thanks to all those of you who have already donated. Women are being helped because of you. 

Here are the names of the women I have ridden for since I began riding in 2017. Please take time to read but stop if it is too much. It is always too much.

Best wishes,

Jean Hatchet.

Ride #1 Katrina O Hara - Stabbed to death by her ex husband outside her place of work as she closed the shop. He had lain in wait for her. 

Ride #2 Georgina Symonds - strangled with twine after she "dumped" the man who repeatedly bought her body to use for sex and told her he loved her. Prostitutes lives  matter too. 

Ride #3 Lisa Jane Lyttle - strangled to death by her husband with a mobile phone cord. He was annoyed afterwards that he lost all his friends. 

Ride #4 Andrea Lewis Stamped to death by her husband who then dragged her outside and left her to be found in the street half-naked with 41 different injuries. There was a history of him covering her in bruises.  

Ride #5 Guida Rufino - had her throat slashed and was stabbed in the chest 4 times by an ex- partner she had told to leave. He tied up her friend who had come to help her so that she heard her best friend die, screaming and begging for her life.

Ride #6 Elidona Demiraj stabbed to death by her partner - neighbours heard her screaming and a loud thud.

Ride #7 Geraldine Newman - Beaten to death with a hammer whilst her children lay bleeding to death upstairs after her husband stabbed them.

Ride #8 Caroline Andrews - Strangled to death by her husband, who had defrauded her dementia suffering father out of more than £260,000. He then checked into a hotel room with a woman he intended to prostitute after buying knives, Prosecco and condoms. He lied to their 4 children about her death. 

Ride #9 Bethany Hill - tortured by two men - one of whom was her ex-partner. They bound a Barbie Doll, supposed to resemble her, with duct tape just as they did her before repeatedly slashing her wrists as neighbours heard her screaming. 

Ride #10 - Sheila Jefferson - brutally murdered by her brother-in-law. 17 blunt force injuries to her face and also shot in the face. 

Ride #11 - For Kerry Gascoigne who was strangled to death by her partner. 

Ride #12 - for Leanne Wall was head-butted and then strangled to death by her ex-partner

Ride #13 - for Maria Byrne whose husband doused her in white spirit and then turned the gas on so she caught alight. She lived for 30 minutes. 

Ride #14 - for Rose Hill who was strangled to death by her grandson who also killed her daughter. 

Ride #15 - for Julie Hill who was axed in the face, had her teeth punched out and was then drowned in the bath by her nephew who had also murdered her mother. 

Ride #16 - For Lisa Reynolds - stabbed 17 times by her boyfriend as she begged him to stop because the knife was blunt as her children watched. She screamed "The knife is blunt! Stop it Baz."

Ride #17 - For Natasha Bradbury who was murdered by her ex who cracked her ribs, her neck, injured her brain and caused heart injuries. 

Ride #18 for Julie Archer - doused in petrol and set alight by her brother. She told a nurse he did it just before she died. 

Ride #19 For Gemma Stevens - her boyfriend stamped on her head 11 times, stabbed her and then set her house on fire. 

Ride #20 for Dawn Green killed by her husband who then hanged himself.  

Ride #21 for Carrie Ann Izzard who was fatally stabbed 29 times in the neck by her ex

Ride #22 for Lyndsey Smith – who was stabbed to death in the stomach by her ex who went off out having a nice time as she died after years of abuse. 

Ride #23 for Lynn Freeman who was stabbed by her partner who murdered his ex partner, Jodie Betteridge, just minutes later. 

Ride #24 for Jodie Betterridge who was stabbed 30 times in the head and 45 times in the torso – a total of 132 times altogether. The blade of the knife of the man’s knife broke off with the ferocity. He stabbed her on her front garden in front of her 3 children, one of whom ran around in the sun screaming and covered in her blood.

Ride #25 for Joanna Trojniak who was stabbed 6 times by a partner she was trying to leave. He than stabbed himself a tiny bit and ran into the street crying as an attempt to escape justice. 

Ride #26 for Amina Begum who was killed by her son after “multiple incised wounds” according to the coroner. 

Ride #27 for Natasha Sadler who was stabbed through the head and suffered other stab wounds after a man who lived in the same house was unhappy that she turned on a tap and his shower temperature changed. 

Ride #28 for Laura Marshall who was murdered by her ex after months of abuse. He left her in a bath of her own blood, raped and covered in bruises.

Ride #29 for Tracy Cockrell whose partner strangled her and then set her on fire.

Ride #30 for Helen Bailey who was targeted during her grief for her dead husband and then manipulated by a new partner who then suffocated her and buried her in a cesspit under the garage – allowing police to search for her body for months. He killed her dog too and buried it alongside her. 

Ride #31 for Leigh Ann Mahachi who was stabbed 40 times by her ex in the street outside her house. Her mother heard her screams as she died and came out to try to stop her blood with towels as her ex partner ran away. 

Ride #32 for Jean Ryan who was stabbed to death by her husband. 

Ride #33 for Nasreen Khan who was a care worker, stabbed to death with her 5 children in the house, because her husband did not like that she visited men as part of her job.

Ride #34 for Fay Daniels who was stabbed 17 times including 4 to her face, 8 to her neck and had 2 broken ribs. Her ex then dumped her in the back yard.

Ride #35 for Xin Xin Lei repeatedly stabbed by her husband.

Ride #36 For Louise O' Brien whose husband strangled her to death then left a heart-shaped chocolate on the pillow next to her dead body.

Ride #37 For Natalie Hemming whose husband found out she was going to leave him and beat her to death. Her 6 year old son crept out of bed and saw his mother during the murder but was frightened he would be told off. Her husband then dumped her body face down in a wood to be found 3 weeks later and took the children to the zoo.

Ride #38 For Iris Owens whose son strangled, kicked and slashed at her with a chainsaw as she hung out washing on the line in her garden.

Ride #39 For Becky Morgan who was on a date with a man who "allowed" her to fall into the sea without raising the alarm or helping as she drowned. He went off to the pub instead.

Ride #40 for Maria Mbombo whose husband stabbed her to death after an internet search for "the most painful place to stab someone".

Ride #41 for Marina Erte beaten severely by her jealous ex who then drowned her by holding a shower attachment to her face.

Ride #42 for Marina Nolan whose ex slashed her throat and strangled her with a TV flex. He put their 2 year old son out into the street to wander then returned with 3 knives and stabbed her to death leaving her to be found by her other son. (Marina was murdered in 2002 but I was asked by her friend to honour her death)

Ride #43 For Sonita Nijhawan whose husband axed her in the head 40 times and also stabbed her 78 times because she wanted a divorce. She took her rings off the day before and he replaced them after she was dead. He was jailed for manslaughter because "depressed" but not too depressed and "out of control" to search "softest part of the human female skull" the day before.

Ride #44 for Dawn Rhodes. Her husband was cleared of murder. I've included her in this list because he slashed her throat. He had been stalking her, checking her phone and Facebook and found she was seeing another man. He had harassed her and her friends via Facebook posts from a fake profile. It is sad that she was the one labeled "unstable" and he walked free.

Ride #45 for Andrena Douglas - police arrived to tell her her partner was injured in a caravan fire- only to find her murdered.

Ride #46 for Karen Hales - bludgeoned to death with a hammer by her daughter's ex-partner. He raped and murdered her daughter Jade at the same time.

Ride #47 for Jade Hales - ex- partner broke in and raped her, murdered her and then also murdered her mother and dog.

Ride #48 for Keziah Flux-Edmunds - aged 6. Killed by her father to torture her mother, his estranged wife. He drowned Keziah and her pet dogs and lay them all on the bed for her mother to find alongside a letter which said " You've taken everything and I will leave you with just memories."

Ride #49 for Helen Fraser - stabbed multiple times by her partner in front of her daughter as neighbours heard her screaming.

Ride #50 for Jean Irwin whose husband hit her with a hammer as she slept and then strangled her.

Ride #51 for Nijole Sventeckiene whose partner slit her throat with a single 5 inch long incision and left her naked crying for help.

Ride #52 for Agnieszka Szymura who was stabbed by her partner 30 times as neighbours watched. There was evidence of past abuse and injuries.

Ride #53 for Sandra Gill. There was clear evidence of past abuse at the hands of her husband and yet a coroner could not be certain that her severe head injury was inflicted by him. He said she may have "fallen off the toilet". Grown women can sit on toilets. And beds. Even when drunk.

Ride #54 for Sarah Nash who was strangled by her ex-partner who was allowed to walk free just months before to attend a "relationship course".

Ride #55 was for Jules Parkin who was killed this year. It was so shocking to know that her class would be going into school to hear that their teacher had been murdered. I included her at the request of a friend but will also ride for her again.

Ride #56 Alison Muncaster shot by her husband as she sat on the sofa.

Ride #57 for Emma Baum whose ex-partner battered her to death with a crowbar and then urged her mother to come and "find her" with him.

Ride #58 for Claire Hart shot by her husband days after she left him. He left a note "revenge is a dish best served cold" he also shot her daughter alongside her after lying in wait for them. He reloaded his gun between rounds.

Ride #59 for Charlotte Hart whose father shot her alongside her mum because her mum had left him days before. His note also said "Karma is a bitch". Charlotte's last words were "It was my dad who shot me". Brave to the last.

Ride #60 for Tracey Gabriel who was stabbed repeatedly by a male "friend" who also stabbed another friend of hers.

Ride #61 for Samia Shahid whose ex-husband raped her and strangled her as he disapproved of her second marriage. Her father assisted him.

Ride #62 for Nicola Haworth suffocated by her ex-partner who left her 9 month old baby screaming in the house beside her body.

Ride #63 for Lenuta Iona Haidemac - prostituted by her partner to another man who raped and murdered her. He strangled her, stabbed her twice, punctured her nipples and wrote a name on her body.

Ride #64 for Margaret Mayer whose husband bludgeoned her to death with a lamp.

Ride #65 for Hannah Pearson whose partner strangled her to death after watching porn. She did not consent to the porn-influenced "sex" either the judge found.

Ride #66 for Gergana Prodanova murdered by her ex-partner who was furious that she refused to go back to him and was beginning a new relationship. He put her naked body in a suitcase and dragged it through the town centre before dumping her to decompose beside a railway line. She had endured years of abuse.

Ride #67 for Lynne Braund who had a deep fear of fires. Her 18 month old daughter had died in a house fire in 1990 and she still suffered the trauma of that when her ex-partner squirted her with lighter fluid and set her on fire. Then left as she burned. 

Ride #68 for Donna Williamson whose boyfriend accused her of sleeping with other men so he stabbed her in the heart and lung. She had tried to call the police and he could be heard screaming "You are dying. You are dying mate. Your life is slipping away from you. What you done to me you c*nt, you f*cking deserve it."

Ride #69 for Xixi Bi beaten to death by her partner. She had 41 injuries including a broken jaw and ribs. Paramedics found her body so bruised they thought it was a result of her being dead for days not hours.

Ride #70 for Jean Constant asphyxiated with a plastic bag by her husband .

Ride #71 for Karen Arnold was murdered by her husband who stabbed her multiple times.

Ride #72 for Alison Jane Farr-Davies beaten to death by her boyfriend and thrown downstairs naked. Her body was hit with such force that there was a penetrating cardia injury - similar injuries are only seen in war as a result of shrapnel, grenades, mortar bombs and explosions.

Ride #73 for Hayley Dean whose partner bludgeoned her to death with a lump hammer and then slept next to her body. He put her head under the pillow. When she was found she had a cigarette in her mouth and a lighter in the other hand.
Ride #74 for Elizabeth Bowe whose brother murdered her because she was going to accuse him of rape. She was found with a dressing gown around her neck and naked from the waist down as he sat close by smoking a cigarette.

Ride #75 for Melinda Korosi whose ex-partner raped her 3 times before gouging a hole in her neck with a sharpened rock. Police deemed her high risk after she had recently accused him of rape.

Ride #76 for Nasreem Buksh whose estranged husband bashed her skull in as she slept. The children reported that he never spoke to her and hadn't for years.

Ride #77 for Natasha Wake whose partner stabbed her 11 times with an 8 inch knife. He stabbed her with such force that 6 of the wounds went through her torso and out of her back. He then wrapped her in a duvet and put her under the stairs telling her daughter that the blood on the walls was ketchup. He was unhappy that she had found out he was being investigated for sexual assault.

Ride #78 for Jaqueline Pattenden whose partner stabbed her to death through her chest in his home.

Ride #79 for Mandy Gallear whose husband stabbed her as she unloaded the dishwasher because she had told him she was leaving him

Ride #80 for Vicky Bance whose husband saw her talking to another man so he stabbed her 23 times with a commando knife. She had 16 stab wounds to her chest, 14 deeply penetrating her heart and both lungs and any one of them could have been fatal with the maximum depth of one wound being 20cm.

Ride #81 for Sophie Smith whose boyfriend beat her for 4 hours breaking 11 of her ribs, her eye socket and her nose.

Ride #82 for Alice Ruggles who was stalked increasingly and relentlessly before eventually being stabbed to death by an ex partner who had already terrorised and abused her. She felt "palmed off" by police. He eventually broke in to her home and slashed her throat from ear to ear. He stabbed her at least 6 times. Even as he waited to murder her he was on his phone arranging a Tinder date for afterwards.

Ride #83 for Lucy Jones murdered by ex partner in a sustained and brutal attack with a total of 90 separate injuries.

Ride #84 for Belen Tripp whose husband stabbed her 24 times with some of those wounds 14cm deep and damaging her shoulder blades with the ferocity.

Ride #85 for Deeqa Ibrahim who kindly visited her ill husband before he returned to Somalia. He grabbed her and locked them both in the bathroom where he began stabbing her to death.

Ride #86 for Rebecca Johnson stabbed to death by her boyfriend who escaped and pretended to be suffering from hypothermia.

Ride #87 for Linda Ordinans was found murdered after her husband called police to report her murder shortly before killing himself.

Ride #88 for Andraya Webb told her boyfriend on a night out that their relationship was over after he had been violent towards her too many times. She assured friends it would be ok for her to go home even after he had become aggressive. Her ex returned and broke into her home. He hit her with an iron. He stamped on her face so hard he left a boot mark. He poured paint down her throat and put gas canisters between her thighs before setting her on fire. She had 45 different injuries and was breathing when she was set alight. He said "Some of us have angels and some of us have demons. Tonight the demons won."

Ride #89 for Umida Eshboboeva strangled to death by her husband just before Christmas. Always an enhanced period of risk for victims.

Ride #90 for Angela Best was murdered by a man at his home. Few other details are available.

Ride #91 for Claire Paton was beaten to death by her ex-partner - the excuse offered was that he had tinnitus. He also attacked her son with a nail gun after throttling her. No excuse is acceptable for killing a woman. Not even poorly ears.

Ride #92 for Hayley Wall who was lured into a "relationship" with her abusive uncle. He then murdered her because she refused to sexually touch him in public in front of her friends. He smashed her skull in with a television.

Ride #93 for Nicola Woodman murdered on Christmas Day 2016 by her partner who stabbed her in the chest. He also battered her with a pickaxe handle. A judge told him "You are not ill. You are wicked."

Ride #94 for Tracy McPartland beaten to death over a 2 day period by her son who had  history of abusing her. She had a total of 29 separate injuries. The judge said "she simply took the beating and did not seek help". No woman expects the child they give birth to will one day beat the life from them. It is the ultimate betrayal.

Ride #95 for Nicola Beck husband murdered her with a massive head wound + 10 other scalp wounds over money/divorce

Ride #96 for Kerri McCauley beaten to death by ex who broke her phone so she couldn’t call help +her mother to find

Ride #97 for Victoria Shorrock - killed with cut to back of Head +significant bruises - partner jailed for “assault"

Ride #98 for Kulwinder Kaur stabbed 3 times in the neck until dead by jealous ex-husband - murder is dark + cold

Ride #99 for Kiran Daudia whose ex husband murdered her, stuffed her in a suitcase and left her in an alleyway

Ride #100 for Amandeep Kaur whose partner feared she would leave him so he slashed her neck before she was able to.

Ride#101 for Anita Downey whose partner slit her throat in front of his own son who then had to call 999.

Ride #102 for Chrissy Kendall - strangled to death by controlling ex partner who left her body for her son to find

Ride #103 for Gillian Zvomuya husband struck her 40 times in her car inc with axe. Then drove body to Lidl car park

Ride #104 for Anne Forneaux who was murdered by her husband who battered her around the head with a hammer and stabbed her in the neck.

Ride #105 for Tina Billingham stabbed through heart +liver with sword stick by partner who dumped her body in GP’s

Ride #106 for Hannah Dorans whose ex partner allegedly raped her and then strangled her. He also sent messages to her parents via Facebook causing them distress. He had behaved in an abusive and threatening way towards her before the alleged murder.

Ride #107 for Catherine Kelly - murdered by her son who doused her in petrol and set her on fire

Ride #108 for Karina Batista-partner stabbed her through the eye, cut her throat, stabbed her in the heart+lungs

Ride #109 in fog again for Humara Khan - husband bludgeoned her to death with a hammer for not making him a meal. I hope every meal from now on tastes like death. I hope he vomits often. I hope he dies hungry

Ride #110 for Hazel Wilson-Briant stabbed to death by partner in front of kids screaming for someone to call 999. 

Ride #111 for Margaret Stenning stabbed to death by her husband in Spain where they had retired. Abusive men often isolate their victims by moving them to a home away from family and friends.

Ride #112 for Avis Addison suffocated by her husband who refused all help for her during her descent into dementia

Ride #113 for Beverley Hudson - stabbed by ex partner 22 times. He broke 2 knives and stabbed her daughter 5 times

Ride #114 for Sarah Pitkin. Husband stabbed her in the neck multiple times - after previous abuse suspected

Ride #115 for Justene Reece who killed herself as a result of an ex’s obsessive stalking and coercive control

Ride #116 today for Anne-Marie James stabbed in the chest until dead by her brother who also stabbed their mum

Ride #117 for Sabrina Mullings whose partner stabbed her through the heart and liver after asking her to marry him

Ride #118 for Vikki Hull strangled to death by father of her child in her father’s home.

Ride #119 for Kanwal Bernice also as I miscounted. It is unclear exactly how she was murdered as her husband had placed her in a storage room wrapped in cloth with a bin liner over her feet. She had been there up to 14 days when found.

Ride #120 for Carolyn Hill - punched in face by boyfriend resulting in brain haemorrhage - he got drunk +bragged

Ride #121 for Katrina Evemy stabbed +bitten to death by jealous boyfriend who left her toddler covered in her blood

Ride #122 for Megan Bills. New “boyfriend” strangled her acting out a snuff fantasy then wrapped her in cling film

Ride#123 for Karolina Chwiluk -
Ex-Boyfriend stabbed her 26 times in the face +neck cos she was dating a friend

Extra Ride #124 for Tara Newbold whose partner was, unfathomably, disgustingly, not charged with murder. Her family seek justice. 

Ride #125 for Jane Sherratt beaten to death with a training weight by husband - she lived 17 weeks before dying

Ride #126 for Tracy Kearns-husband inflicted 40 separate injuries, strangled, smothered and dumped her in a trailer

Ride #127 For Megan Bannister
Extra ride #33 for unnamed woman bullied to take her own life by vile rapist. She cannot be named as her anonymity is protected so I called her Ms Sheffield as that is where she was killed. 

Ride #128 for Sinead Wooding- Was stabbed multiple times and hit repeatedly with a hammer by her husband. He then attempted to burn her body before dumping it in a wood to be found. He had been harassing another woman just days before and was a serial abuser.

Ride #129 for Concepta Leonard stabbed to death by partner who also stabbed her son. She had a non-mol order

Ride #130 for Gemma Leeming whose partner strangled her to death and wrote “no brain” on her face in mascara. He desecrated her body+wrote on her in her own blood so that it would look like he was having a psychotic episode

Ride #131 for Emma Day. Ex partner  stabbed her repeatedly over child maintenance as she took her kids to school.

Ride #132 for Sobhia Khan murdered by partner of just a few weeks - he had previously set a woman on fire in 2010

Ride #133 for Arena Saeed and her children. Husband suffocated her and drowned her 2 children

Ride #134 for domestic violence worker Alyson Watt stabbed in neck repeatedly by ex - he also attacked her son

Ride #135 for Sarah Jeffery -was planning to leave husband when he choked her+strangled with hair straightener cord

Ride #136 for Jean Chapman. Husband battered her over the head with a vase made by her son. Then strangled her.

Ride #137 for Molly McLaren who ended a relationship-always the most dangerous time for women with abusive men.

Ride #138 for Vera Savage - aged 89 was found stabbed to death and her son found alongside her. Police said she was murdered but he was not. They weren't looking for anyone else. Why on Earth can they not just admit when men murder women? It is not unusual on these lists to find sons are the murderers and it is the ultimate betrayal.

Ride #139 for Celine Dookhran uncle slit her throat after kidnapping and raping her.

Ride #140 for Olivia Kray whose father strangled her and then went to kill her mother -but failed.

Ride #141 for Betty Jordan - murdered by her estranged husband who drove to her home and stabbed her to death because he thought she was having an affair. Reports focus on the fact that he was wrong. Firstly, a woman who is not in a current relationship cannot be "unfaithful" to a man she has split from. Secondly - infidelity is still not a reason to murder a woman. Men do not own women.

Ride #142 for Leanne Collopy whose ex stabbed her to death +set her house in fire with her 2 yr old daughter inside

Ride #143 for Rikki Lander - husband read a text and was jealous so beat her round the head and strangled her. He then hanged himself leaving their 3 kids in the house

Extra Ride #144 at the request of friends of Shabnam Bhardwaj who was murdered a few days ago in Himachal Pradesh in #India by her husband who it is alleged hung her body to look like suicide. The police initially didn’t act

Ride #145 for Hannah Cohen - Murdered by her brother who suspected he had been cut out of the family will and business. Men cannot murder women who don't do what they want even if they are family.

Ride #146 for Leah Cohen whose son allegedly stabbed her to death because annoyed about a family will. He also allegedly murdered his sister.

Ride #147 for Beryl Hammond murdered by her son after many violent assaults reported and sadly retracted. He broke 10 ribs and left her to decompose - the pain of love she must have felt for a son who finally killed her.

Ride #148 for Asiyah Harris. Her ex-partner stabbed her 3 times in the neck finally severing an artery. He had arranged for her 2 children to be out of the house.

Ride #149 for Jessica King. Jealous ex partner strangled her to death with her children in the house. He told her “if I can’t have you no one can!” Many women will recognise this phrase. Other women. Fear it. 

Extra Ride #150 for Rachel Slack at the request of her friend @Becky_Slack - she was stabbed 32 times in the chest and back by her ex along with her son Auden after significant police failuresHe also asked her “What do you think I’m going to do?” And she replied “I know what you’re going to do. You’re going to kill me.” We always suspect they might. Long after we are free. Every time you see them or hear their voice. A lifetime of fear.

Ride #151 for Linda Parker stabbed 12 times by an ex partner who had stalked her relentlessly after she ended a coercive relationship that had kept her from friends and family. She had a restraining order

Ride #152 for Nasima Noorzia whose husband stabbed her more than 20 times in the neck before putting her body in bin bags and dumping her in woodland because she wanted to end the marriage

Ride #153 for Katherine Smith who was stabbed 33 times in the heart, neck + chest by an obsessive partner she met online who lied about his name and forced her to have a tattoo of those initials and stalked her movements relentlessly.

Ride #154 for Leanne Mckie a detective constable in the serious sexual offences unit strangled by her police officer husband and dumped in a lake as he callously tried to cover up crime including sending “loving” texts to her phone post-murdering her

Ride #155 for Jane Sergeant smothered with a duvet by her husband who took her from a care home where she was being cared for alleging “compassion”. Men don’t get to decide to kill women for ANY reason.

Extra Ride #156 for Shaeen Akhtar - husband stabbed her to death in front of her children after she asked him to leave due to his drinking and gambling. She couldn’t push him out of the door in time to stop him. He’d stored a combat knife in his trousers

Extra ride #157 for Barbara Francis whose husband murdered her in 1995 and then committed suicide. As these cowards often do. She was according to her friend @Janerthered a wonderful Jamaican woman who was hoping to return there one day and open a cafe

Ride #158 for Moira Gilbertson stabbed to death allegedly by her ex who hid her body and carried on texting her friends as though she was still alive

Ride #159 for Sophie Louise Brook strangled with electrical flex in 2015 by her husband who then wrapped her body in plastic and hid it in communal bins. This was an extra ride at the request of her friend who I met in Truro on Saturday. Her friend asked me not to use her married name and could not control her tears as she spoke of her love for Sophie. She shook as she told me. The devastation of losing a friend in this way will never leave her. I’ll never forget hugging that poor woman

Ride #160 - for Anne O' Neill. Battered to death around the head by her son in the garden as neighbours heard him shout "I will find you". The priest at her funeral said it was a "double tragedy" though only she was dead. The priest said "we've made bad choices or made mistakes, or sometimes we are victims of circumstance, life seems to have thrown us a raw deal".... and yet only the woman is dead. She didn't get to make poor choices. She was murdered. 

Ride #161 for Elizabeth Merriman estranged from her husband who stabbed her many times with a samurai sword when he found she had begun a new relationship.

Ride #162 for Janet Northmore strangled to death by her son in his home. He never stood trial because he killed himself in jail. Always after the poor woman ...not first.

Ride #163 for Jillian Howell- murdered by a colleague she invited to dinner who had developed an obsession with her. She rejected him so he stabbed her 15 times. He wrote "bully" on her forehead and posted a cartoon on Facebook afterwards which read "stand up to bullies and then kill them". She was not a bully. He is a murderer.

Ride #164 for Mary Steel stabbed a number of times by her own son. There are a number of women killed by their sons that I have ridden for. Women raise men and they kill them as reward. The ultimate betrayal.

Ride #165 for Simone Grainger whose husband hit her with a saucepan and then strangled her to death. He hid her body in a rug so her daughter didn’t see her. She described her marriage as “worst mistake of my life” poor woman. She wasn’t to blame

Extra ride #167 for Deborah Ruse at the request of her friend. Her jealous husband hacked her to death repeatedly with an axe including her face, head and neck. He carried on while she was on the floor bleeding and dying

Ride #168 for Patricia McIntosh whose ex-husband smashed her in the face with a saucepan and then repeatedly kicked her until she was dead because she wouldn’t sell her home.

Ride #169 for Lisa Chadderton whose partner strangled her and punched her before stabbing her 5 times in the neck and once in the eye in a jealous rage.

Ride #170 for Monika Lasek - after years of violence and coercion -husband stabbed her repeatedly including as she crawled along the floor trying to escape the attack. The police had been called just the week before.

Ride #171 for Ruby Wilson. Her grandson brought many knives to kill her in her care home. She was 94 when he slit her throat at both sides. Terror and betrayal are still felt by elderly women with dementia. Murder isn’t merciful.

Ride #172 for Susan Westwood whose son stabbed her multiple times because she complained that her tea was too milky. Her family said she loved him very much.

Ride #173 for Janine Bowater strangled to death by her ex-partner who then raped her while she was unconscious

Ride #174 for Jodie Willsher. Her mother’s ex-partner stabbed her repeatedly in the chest and stomach as revenge because her mum had ended the relationship with him

Ride #175 for Beverley Bliss punched repeatedly then stabbed to death by her son who left the knife in her throat afterwards as he sat drinking tea at her kitchen table - excused made for him. There are no excuses for murdering women

Ride #176 for Jayne Reat stabbed to death by her partner’s son as she prevented her own daughter from being murdered by him too as she shielded her. This is what mothers do. We die for our children. Women are mighty

Ride #177 for Pauline Cockburn who was stabbed to death by her violent partner. He had previously had guns removed by police. But he found a way. They should have removed him.

Ride #178 for Anne Searle strangled to death by her husband after posting on her Facebook that she hoped to be around in 2018 but “we will see”. Despite what has been said at trial she knew her life was at risk because she lived with a murderer.

Ride #179 for Melanie Clark murdered by her husband who stabbed her because of her love for another woman. He felt she was laughing at him. It is not an excuse to murder a woman because she ridicules your penis.

Ride #180 for Julie Owens. Another woman murdered by her son. It was the ultimate betrayal as he punched her to death. Not for the 1st time. He called it a “slap”. He initially blamed her partner who’d hit her weeks before. Poor woman beaten and betrayed

Ride #181 for Elizabeta Lacatusu whose former partner waited outside her home before stabbing her for 30 seconds in the neck and torso before calmly walking away. She had rejected his attempts to get her back after she ended the relationship

Ride #182 for Terrie-Ann Jones stabbed 26 times by her repeatedly violent controlling boyfriend who had threatened to blow up her family and kill her. He said he didn’t mean it to police. He meant it.

Ride #183 for Claire Taverner whose jealous, controlling estranged husband stabbed her 10 times and left her bleeding for her two boys aged 3 and 6 to find. They sat with her body for an hour before calling police. Poor babes.

Ride #184 for Geraldine Mellor whose boyfriend strangled her to death after a row about her wanting to purchase things in a shop he didn’t sanction. He left her lying in boxes. Abusers control even what women buy. A warning sign.

Ride #185 for Amelia Blake who was bludgeoned to death while backpacking by a boyfriend she met on her travels who did not like her freedom to roam and potential to leave him

Ride #186 for Cassie Hayes. Still so fresh in our memories. Her girlfriend’s ex partner slit her throat in her workplace in lesbophobic vengeance. This is still domestic violence as he intended to leave his ex traumatised forever.

Ride #187 for Claire Harris whose ex partner claimed at his trial that she fell. She was strangled with 86 injuries and half of them to her head and face. Never believe what an abuser tells you about how he didn’t mean to hurt you. He means it every time.

Ride #188 for Cheryl Gabriel-Hooper who was shot in the neck outside her home after reporting a number of incidents of domestic violence to police. A man of the same age as her ex husband is still under investigation after also suffering gunshot wounds.

Ride #189 for Janet Scott who was stabbed by a former partner who then drive her away in his car. She escaped and he then drove his car at her and the policeman she ran to for help. Abusers are very determined men.

Ride #190 for Paula Harris whose partner strangled her with his bare hands and then pretended he had defended himself - taking money from her account and telling builders she was “sleeping”. Abusive men lie. All the time. Listen for that.

Ride #191 for Ruksana Begum stabbed by her son-in-law as she helped her daughter escape her arranged marriage to him - a violent abuser - so that she could be with the man she loved. He stabbed her through the heart and in the body 3 times.

Ride #192 for Saeeda Hussein found with serious head injuries. Her husband is charged with her murder.

-Ride #193 Danielle Richardson who was stabbed 15 times by her boyfriend who then jumped from a window. And lived. (I only rode 12 and a half miles as I was pretty tired out and nausea kicked in - but I did think of her.

Ride #194 for Sarbjit Kaur. She was murdered by asphyxiation and her husband stands trial next month.

Ride #195 for Jill Sadler whose husband got drunk and strangled her to death but was only convicted of manslaughter because the jury believed his story that she was “nasty” to him. Women who aren’t “nice” to men still don’t deserve to be killed.

Ride #196 for Lynn McNally who was murdered by her partner who stabbed her multiple times and left her body with the knife sticking in her.

Ride #197 for Laura Huteson who was brutally stabbed to death - allegedly by a man she met a few hours before and went home with. Women who have sex with men are not responsible when those men take out a knife suddenly and stab them media suggested

Ride #198 for Anne James aged 74 stabbed 30 times in the back and chest by her own grandson who finally slit her throat.

Ride #199 4 Laura Figueira De Farida who was stabbed multiple times by her husband who then drove her two sons to a cliff & threw them off. He also went off the cliff. But I care nothing for him. Or any man who kills a woman and her children.

Ride #200 for Fiona Scourfield whose stepson murdered her with an axe and a samurai sword. The excuse was that he was obsessed with violent images online. Women see those images too and manage not to murder men we live with.

Ride #201 for Jennifer Rodgers who was murdered by her estranged and homeless ex husband. The CPS accepted a manslaughter guilty plea on the grounds of diminished responsibility. He *diminished* her life. The CPS should reject the paltry excuses of men

Ride #202 for Michelle Savage who left her husband -a violent abuser - and subsequently rejected his attempts to “reconcile”. He shot her 6 times along with her mother. He had bombarded her with texts, slashed her tyres etc etc

Ride 203 for Heather Whitbread shot 6 times execution style alongside her daughter Michelle Savage by her daughter’s ex-partner. He had been terrorising her - posting revenge porn and demanding sex and was known to the police

Ride #204 for Diane Jones whose son hit her repeatedly over the head with a claw hammer and she died later in hospital. When mental ill-Health is used to excuse murdering women we ask “why do these men only kill the women close to them and no one else?”

Ride #205 for Jenny Cronin .... her daughter’s ex-husband set her on fire after storming her house with a machete. Men who abuse women sometimes also abuse and kill their families. There are no boundaries to their hatred of a woman.

Ride #206 for Leyla Mtumwa whose husband stabbed her 49 times in the head, face, arms and neck in a jealous rage after she saw her female friends for a night out. He did this in front of her 12 yr old son who pleaded with him to stop before calling police

Ride #207 for Tracy Stonehouse. Her estranged husband strangled her, stabbed her six times and beat her repeatedly around the head. He had said he would kill her when she left him. Men often say this. Sometimes they do. Take those men seriously.

Ride #208 for Lesley Potter whose husband strangled her and then hung her to make it look like suicide. He only confessed shortly before her funeral and her death wasn’t initially seen as suspicious by police.

Ride #209 for Alexis Flynn murdered by her ex partner who had an order preventing contact due to prior violent attacks on her. He breached bail and stabbed her 11 times. He was found calmly smoking a cigarette and drinking a can of beer.

Ride #210 for Victorija Sokolova ... just 14 years old who was raped by her male “friend” after he arranged to meet her on FB messenger. He then smashed her skull in with a hammer leaving 21 injuries to her skull and spine.

Ride #211 for Margaret Howlett stabbed to death by her new husband who was annoyed not to be on her mortgage as he had escalating gambling debts. He had already dwindled her savings away. He stabbed her multiple times in the neck.

Ride #212 for Maryna Kavaliauskas ... she was found in her home next to a dead man and though police said it was murder ... they weren’t seeking anyone else. Press more concerned with ex husband cocaine dealer as though his crimes excuse her murder

“Ride #213 for Angela Craddock whose “violent drunk” ex beat and kicked her to death just 7 days after being released from jail for attacking her before. She had to be identified by her fingerprints.

Ride #214 for Samantha Clarke who was stabbed to death in her home. Her nephew arrested. The press were more focused on how much her house cost. Women who have big houses are still stabbed for being women. Not for the value of the walls they live within.

Ride #215 for Jennifer Morgan whose partner waited for her outside her house and stabbed her to death. Her 11 year old daughter found her in a pool of blood when she returned home from school. That poor poor little girl. Lives are shattered by men.

Ride #216 for Hollie Kerrell whose had recently ended a marriage to her murderer who took revenge hitting her with a hammer and strangling her with her children in the house. Don’t ever ask “why doesn’t she leave” ...the answer lies alongside her body.

Ride #217 for Elizabeth Lacey stabbed to death by her son who was subsequently detained under mental health act. Imagine her extreme emotional pain - coping with an ill son who then came to stab her.

Ride #218 for Fiona Fisher murdered by her son with a single stab wound to the chest. He had addiction and mental health problems. But... these men still always find the women who love them to kill. Not random strangers

Ride #219 for Faye Calliman whose husband filmed himself standing over her as she cowered beneath begging for her life before he stabbed her 12 times breaking his knife blade off in her back.

Ride #220 for Jessica Patel. Jessica endured years of control before her husband put a bag over her head and suffocated her. she had expressed concerns for a long time

Ride #221 for Onees Khatoon strangled with electrical cable by her son because she asked him to leave her home. Men who murder women do not like women to establish boundaries

Ride #222 for Bernadette Green murdered by her son who smothered her after deliberately neglecting her. She weighed 5 stone down from 12 stone. She most likely spent her last months begging for food. That makes my heart ache

Ride #223 for Sophie Cavanagh whose estranged husband strangled her because she refused to sleep with him even though he offered her £100. Men who can’t own women, or buy them, might kill them.

Ride #224 for Angela Conoby who lived with a man for 30 years before he stabbed her in chest +neck and left her covered and decomposing for 2 weeks in a corner of the room. How many years of terror? All that life lost...unlikely to be “out of the blue”.

Ride #225 for Keely McGrath who was murdered just before Christmas. She leaves behind her 5 children and heartbroken mum

Ride #226 for Laura Mortimer whose ex partner stabbed her 18 times because angry she had asked him to leave. He also stabbed her daughter Ella and left them lying alongside each other. He had attacked her the previous Christmas and had a violent past.

Ride #227 for Ella Mortimer age 11 stabbed 24 times in the face and neck by her step father as she came to help her mother Laura who was also stabbed to death. They lay side by side together in pools of blood when found.

Ride #228 for Denise Rosser whose partner beat her so viciously she had 28 rib fractures, a punctured lung, fractured skull and torn kidney and it was said “only consistent with a single impact like a car crash” Some men are like a car crash for women..

Ride #229 for Joanne Bishop stabbed 28 times with a screwdriver in her chest and back. She lived for 4 days after the attack. He showed “no remorse”.

Ride #230 for Lamduan Seekanya. Murdered in 2004 but body only just identified. She was left in a remote area of pen-y-ghent. Police need help to find her killer. She was not a “Thai Bride”. She was a woman.

Ride #231 for Andra Hilitanu murdered by her boyfriend who stabbed her 40 times with scissors also killing her unborn child. All her injuries “survivable” but he didn’t call for help. She died in agony.

Ride #232 for Marie Gibson. Her partner beat her with a baseball bat and stabbed her in the neck with a shard of glass. She died of brain and severe facial injuries. He said she “goaded him”. Women are not to blame for men killing them.

Ride #233 for Gita Suri stabbed to death - her partner and flatmate accused of stabbing her repeatedly and dousing her in lighter fuel because annoyed she left the back door open and didn’t flush the toilet.

Ride #234 for Klarissa-Charlene Faith whose ex-partner trusted him enough to continue to live in the same house. He took her on an errand then brought her home and strangled her to death. Abusers are always potential murderers.

Ride #235 for Samantha Toms whose ex partner smothered her to death and then called his family to tell them and ask them to come and help him “remove” her dead body.

Ride #236 for Lorna Myers stabbed to death by her son who also attempted to murder her other son. He was “paranoid”. He also had a a previous conviction for battering a partner. Forget paranoia. That’s woman hating.

Ride #237 for Patricia Franks. Her husband killed her with a scaffolding pole then smothered her because she had dementia and he couldn’t cope. Men never have the right to make those decisions to kill women out of “mercy”

Ride #238 for Katerina Makunova who was so scared of her partner she took a knife in her bag but when he pushed her and she fell -it was on the knife in her bag and so he killed her. Police had been called to him 6 times before. He got 2 yrs and 3 months

Ride #239 for Sheila Thomas who left her husband who then stabbed her in the head and neck and bludgeoned her head with a stick until it broke. She had left him for a man she had known since 1975 and could have been - and deserved to be - happy.

Ride #240 for Samantha Eastwood whose vile boyfriend suffocated her and then bound her mouth and eyes with tape before laying out her wedding dress and engagement ring on the bed to fool police

Ride #241 for Karen Peter whose husband strangled her and then set fire to the house while her 3 children were asleep. Once alight he refused to let anyone into the bedroom where she was locked and told firefighters she had gone out

Ride #242 for Kelly Franklin who ended an abusive 12 year relationship with her abuser. He then used another woman to find her and stab her more than 30 times when he found her in the street.

Ride #243 for Katherine Kemp found in a pool of blood with over 20 knife wounds. Her husband - who had previously exploited prostitutes - subsequently jumped out of the window and killed himself. He should have done this first.

Ride #244 for Tracey Evans. Her partner cut her throat from ear to ear 4 times almost severing her tongue. A judge said she “suffered dreadfully”. He blamed his diabetes. I blame him. Just him.

Ride #245 for Marie Walker whose partner strangled her to death after months of jealous accusations about a co-worker. He found no proof. But killed her anyway. Women are not obliged to be faithful to men who abuse them. It is not an excuse to kill.

Ride #246 for Simonne Kerr whose partner killed her by stabbing her in the throat. She was a talented singer and a campaigner to raise awareness of sickle cell disease. She lost her son aged 6 to the disease.

Ride #247 for Barbara Davison whose partner smothered her to death. He had previously been convicted of *manslaughter* for strangling a previous girlfriend in 1995. This is why courts shouldn’t give abusive, murderers the benefit of the doubt.

Extra Ride#248 for Ellie Gould who it is suspected was murdered. I rode to honour her short life and acknowledge the future she lost. My sincere sympathy for her poor poor family and friends.

Ride #249 for Kaltoun Saleh died after 6 weeks in a Burns unit. Her husband was accused of setting her on fire. His clothes had white spirit on them. Argument heard by neighbours. She screamed for water. He walked free. So I rode for her.

Ride #250 for Sharon Perett Who was murdered with a number of blunt force trauma injuries to her head, chest and neck. Police referred themselves to complaints. Her partner denies murder.

Ride #251 for Raneem Oudeh whose ex partner stabbed her mother first while holding onto Raneem’s ankle and dragging her. They both died of multiple stab wounds after he hunted them all day. They called police 5 times in 2 hours. To no avail.

Ride #252 for Khaola Saleem. Murdered by her daughter’s ex partner who had hunted them all day while they desperately tried to get police to help them. He stabbed them both multiple times.

Ride #253 for Celia Levitt murdered by her son who strangled her and smothered her. He was detained under mental health act. So many “moments of madness” men only kill women. Never their male co worker or brother or the bloke in the shop

Ride #254 for Kylie Dembrey stabbed to death inc 3 times in the jugular +her heart and also strangled by her partner who claims it wasn’t murder because “mental illness”. “Mentally ill” men kill women who love them a lot rather than the man in the street

Ride #255 for Susan Gyde murdered in her home. Police arrived too late after reports of a serious assault. Her husband will go on trial 24th June. The police need to up their game. This is the second ride in a couple of weeks where  they were too late

Ride #256 for Kay Richardson whose husband killed her before killing himself. They had parted 2 weeks before and he asked on Facebook if she was still wearing “his” ring. You don’t own women with a ring +cant kill them cos they take it off

Ride #257 for Cristina (Kyky) Magda-Calancea who was stabbed by her former partner multiple times in the neck and torso. Her family said she was “extremely happy ... had a specific laugh”. They will never hear that laugh again.

Ride #258 for Frances Hubbard. Aged 81. Stabbed multiple times by her husband. He had to be shot with rubber bullets to be arrested so violent was his attack. These murderous men are never too old to kill +the women with them never old enough to be safe

Ride #259 for Sandra Zmijan. A man has been charged with murder after she travelled to his home and was found dead in his back garden. She had been reported missing. He allegedly battered her to death with a hammer

Ride #260 for Jeanna Maher her husband is accused of murdering her by tying her hands and feet together before hitting her with a mallet - he’s also accused of repeatedly abusing her since 2012

Ride #261 for Avan Najmadeen who refuses to sign her ex husband’s immigration papers so he stabbed her to death and doused her body in white spirit leaving her 4 children without their mother.

Ride #261 for Natalie Saunders who was subjected to hours of a brutal attack by her boyfriend with 85 separate blows and 50 injuries to every part of her body. He then strangled her. She was 33 years old. She had come to see “violence as the norm”

Ride #262 for Sarah Wellgreen whose ex partner has been arrested and charged with her murder. Her body has not been found. Her family must live in agony.

Ride #263 for Nazia Ali today. Her story is horrific. Her ex husband bought ropes, knives, hammer and screwdriver especially to kill her. He used them to tie her up and beat and stab her to death while her children slept then calmly called police

Ride #264 for Teresa Garner whose husband hit her with a hammer until she was dead including 16 head wounds. He had been violent to 3 other ex partners including putting a cigarette out in one woman’s face

Ride #265 for Lynn Forde killed by her boyfriend who then killed himself. He had strangled her then killed himself after ringing police to confess. So many of these abusers do this. Always kill the woman first just to be sure she doesn’t live happily

Ride #266 for Mavis Bran. She was 69 and ran a chip shop. Her husband is charged with her murder. She died of extensive burns. In the chip shop. The pain of what happened to her is unthinkable.

Ride #267 for Sheena Jackson. Her husband found “ill” alongside her but he later died. Police say she was murdered but were not looking for anyone else. Yet another man *probably* murdering a woman +not having to pay for it because cowardice saved him

Ride #268 for Ann Marie Pomfret who was pronounced dead at her stables. She loved horse riding. She had serious head injuries. Her husband has been charged with her murder and awaits trial.

Ride #269 for Natalie Smith who wanted to leave her partner.  She was staying at a friends and went home to collect things. He came home and stabbed her to death. Then stabbed himself. Her children were outside in the car with her friend

Ride #270 for Tanseen Sheikh who was murdered and had “multiple injuries”. Her husband has been arrested.

Ride #272 for Maureen Watkins stabbed multiple times. Her son - who lived in her home for the last 30 years - has been charged. Imagine. Loving a child; caring for them - only for them to stab you to death. The pain of her last moments. The betrayal.

Ride #273 for Jacqueline Allen who was murdered in an arson attack just hours after reporting her daughter’s ex partner to the police for threats made against her daughter. Man believed to be the same has been arrested and charged with murder.

Ride #274 for Samantha Gosney whose manipulative, abusive boyfriend stabbed her 21 times - some of the wounds so deep they hit the bones of her spine. She had attended a funeral looking “nice” and he objected.

Ride #275 for Kelly Worgan whose husband strangled her with a ligature. He left a note on the stairs asking that her children not be let in the room with her body and “daddy loves you”... yet he destroyed their lives.

Ride #276 for Grace Millane murdered and her body left at the side of a busy road while backpacking in New Zealand. A man has been charged with her murder. The man’s team mates said he was “creepy”. It is suspected he lured her into a date on a website