Friday, 8 March 2019

We Have Her Now

Your fists burst her life apart
Your words stabbed into her past
Your feet kicked her love away
Your rage was swinging fast

Her screams are now lost children
Beaten from her belly by you
Her tears are broken, tuneless notes
In a song you smashed in two

Down torn streets of lonely blood
She walked and looked for calm
She gazed in windows blankly
Found reflections of self-harm

She tried to see a different her
She pressed against the pane
She looked and looked inside herself
The girl of her did not remain

You’d taken her and coldly ripped
The dreams she could have had
You broke her bones like eggshells
Left her empty, going mad

But we have got her now you know
We will make her strong
We will build her dreams inside
We will fix your wrong

And you will never get her back
You will never touch her gold
You stay down in the dirt you thief
You do as you are told.